Cooperation –Keep on Turning –Schaeffler Group  

 You might not be familiar with Schaeffler. However, when it comes to the famous FAG, INA and LUK in bearing industry, you must have a sense of familiarity. The three bearing brands are owned by Schaeffler Group, whose products enjoy a high worldwide reputation in the automative, machinery and aero-space industry. The cooperation between Schaeffler and SMTCL started in 2006. With the continuous improvement of bearing machining technology, the cooperation between the two enterprises is developing at a high speed, realizing incontrovertible win-win situation.

 Clever People Do Right Work

 Germans are famous for their preciseness and obedience. Doing business with them is a bittersweet thing. It is bitter because they have strict requirements which require you to follow the contract strictly. It is sweet, because they trust you and you can develop yourself by cooperating with them. Schaeffler Group is such a company.

 In 2006, Schaeffler Group established its production base in China. They were not familiar with China’s machine tool industry at the very beginning. These Germans adopted the simplest but most practical method – having a try. Yes, it is a trial production. They organized some technical personnel to conduct trial production with rough cast in various machine tool factories in China. Then, they compared the machined products. Finally, SMTCL Co., Ltd.’s NC vertical lathe caught their eye balls with its excellent machining performance and high cost performance. Although there was a large demand for machine tools, they only ordered 4 NC vertical lathes because of their cautiousness at the beginning. They need a longer time to test our products.

 Ultimate Win

 It was indeed not a simple product machining process. With various famous machine tools manufacturers, Schaeffler not only tested the machine tool itself, but also other factors as price, service etc. They were seeking a long-term strategic partner. Finally, these Germans were impressed by SMTCL’s preciseness. Our products met Schaeffler’s requirements from external appearance to interior. Our price and service demonstrated SMTCL people’s sincerity. Through one –year trial cooperation, Schaeffler acknowledged our products and our precise attitude. In September, 2007, Schaeffler Group strengthened cooperation with us and bought 10 NC vertical lathes at a time. It ordered over 40 NC vertical lathes in total over 2007 and 2008. With Shenyang Machine Tool’s products, Schaeffler’s original coarse milling and precise milling process have been integrated into the lathing process, which improved the machining efficiency by 4-5 times.

 Through two-year friendly cooperation, Schaeffler awarded “Schaeffler Top Ten Excellent Suppliers” to SMTCL in 2009. They also brought us into its global purchase platform, laying a foundation to promote the application of Shenyang Machine Tool’s products in Schaeffler globally.

 Through many years of elaborative cooperation, SMTCL has learned a lot from Schaeffler Group, including improvement in bearing machining process, which makes our NC lathe always take the lead in bearing-machining field.With the development of machining process and requirement of Schaeffler, SMTCL’s products are also developed from single NC vertical lathe into twin-turret NC vertical lathe, full function NC horizontal lathe etc. over these years, Schaeffler has ordered over 70 sets of machine tool products with a total value of over RMB 60 million from SMTCL.

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