Cantonese just like “Northeast Dialect”—Guangdong Fuwa Group Co., Ltd.  

 In Guangdong, a province far from Shenyang, there is a leading company which has favored SMTCL’s products for 10 years. With its rapid expansion, the company has purchased hundreds of machine tools with a total value of hundreds of million RMB from SMTCL The company is Guangdong Fuwa Group Co., Ltd. We started cooperation with Fuwa Group from 2002. The two has witnessed each other’s rapid growth. Nowadays, both of the two companies take the lead in the industry and grow shoulder by shoulder under a mutual trust and intimate partnership.

 Rapid Rising Low-profile “Leader”

 With the rapid growth of its economy, China’s trailer industry has gone through dramatic change over the latest decade. The output of trailers changed dramatically. The trailer industry of various countries in the world has gone through a transformation from direct trailer to semi-trailer. Ten years ago, China’s semi-trailer just began. Now, it grows gradually. As a result, the demand for vehicle-bridge grows. In this context of industrial upgrade, the Fuwa vehicle-bridge manufactured by Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has made up 70% of the domestic semi-trailer market share. The products are sold to over 60 countries in the world. The export amount in 2008 was USD 100 million. Fuwa gained such impressive achievement without spending any money in advertisement.

 Fuwa is very strict in product quality. It has high requirement on the machining accuracy and stability of equipment. Therefore, relevant equipment supplier must have high strength. In Fuwa large workshop, lines of equipments supplied by Shenyang Machine Tool guarantee high quality of Fuwa's mass production.

 Excellent Service Moved Fuwa

 Fuwa purchased over 30 NC vertical lathes from Shengyang Machine Tool in 2002. The equipment demonstrated excellent performance in the application. Apart from our products’ impressive quality, another story has strengthened the mutual benefit and collaborative long-term partnership between Fuwa and SMTCL. The story happened in 2007. Fuwa’s several machine tools were out of work owing to wear of external skin of the motor’s cable. SMTCL’s staff member knew the problem in their return visit. Although, these machine tools have gone out of guaranty period long before, SMTCL still dispatched a technical team to address the problem as soon as possible. Fuwa people were deeply moved by SMTCL’s sincerity.

 With the rapid growth of Fuwa, its production capacity can’t meet the increasing orders. In July, 2009, Fuwa planned to order a batch of NC machines. It was in the global recession. The project attracted a lot of famous machine tool manufacturers’ bids. However, Fuwa finally selected the machine tool manufacturer who speaks northeast dialect to take its 90 sets order of machine tools.

 Customized Requirement, Only Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

 In September, 2009, Fuwa turned to SMTCL and hoped to buy a batch of small size machine tools with relatively low price without any discount on quality. It also required trial machining before placing order. Having known about its requirements, SMTCL immediately organized technologists to design jig and fixture for the purpose of trial machining, providing machine tool configuration and computing cost. Finally, the trial machining was very successful. Fuwa was very satisfied with the trial result. As a result, the order of over 20 NC horizontal lathes was placed to SMTCL.

 Currently, the vehicle-bridge part of Fuwa's new factory in Taishan has been in operation. The whole production line is mainly made up of 152 equipments provided by SMTCL. The 60 units of VTC6070 NC vertical lathes are used to machine brake drums; 50 units of VTC5060 NC vertical lathes are used to machine hubs; 20 HTC50250 NC horizontal lathes specially designed for Fuwa are used to machine vehicle axles etc. To our pleasures, the production line, which was completed on time, has completely reached the original design production capacity. SMTCL’s high quality service guarantees the full operation of new production line. In the entire cooperation process, we are prized by Fuwa frequently.

 The Cantonese with unique charm meets with “Benshan- type” northeast dialect. The two company, which is far from each other geographically, become acquainted and familiar with each other in the 10 –year cooperation and they are advancing abreast…

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