Behind-the-scenes Director of “Big Pinwheel” - Jiangsu Jixin Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  

 When it comes to “Big Pinwheel”, everyone may think of the popular children’s TV program or the scene of the small slopes in Netherlands. In fact, as an important transformation form of wind energy, “Big Pinwheels” have covered every corner of the world. China has also built a large amount of wind power generation facilities. Up to now, China’s installed capacity has exceeded 20 million kw, ranking the fourth place in the world. Jiangsu Jixin Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has purchased over 60 sets of machine tools amounting to nearly RMB 300 million since its foundation in 2004 with an asset of “zero”. Over the short 7 years, the company has gone public with an asset of RMB 2.3 billion and quickly become the “pilot” of the wind power component industry. The company has made great contribution to the wind power cause of China and the world.

 Taking advantage of the situation Borrowing the strength of others

 China’s wind power generation started from 1980s. Despite a relatively slow development, it had a high starting point. From building small demonstration projects by borrowing foreign technology to the NKTRDP, 863 high-tech program and the approval of the wind projects with less than 50 thousand kw delegated by NDRC, , China’s wind power industry has entered a period of rapid growth. It was at that time that Jinxin entered wind power field. Over several years, Jinxin had been developed into an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in large size wind power unit components and parts. Its products mainly include hub,seat,axle and bearing seat, beam for MW large size wind power unit.Jixin took the lead in achieving the R& D and mass production of offshore 3MW aerogenerator hubs, which were installed and applied in the offshore wind power demonstration project – Shanghai Dondhai Bridge Offshore Wind Power Field. Jixin’s breakthrough in large specification aerogenerator components was supported by SMTCL.

 SMTCL- Trusty Partner

 ” Jinxin ‘s rapid development benefits a lot from the determined support of SMTCL - its key partner. As the working conditions of wind power generation equipment are always bad, it has more special requirements on the performance and characteristics of the materials than common casts. In the processing, large cutting volume and large size of cast require high rigidity machine tools. Over the past few years, Jinxin has purchased machine tools 8 times from SMTCL, including over 40 CNC boring machines, over 10 gantry machining centers and over 10 NC lathes. All the equipment can fully meet Jinxin's machining requirements. As a result, Jixin positively comments SMTCL’s products and services. Through many years of cooperation, the two partners have built mutual trust and mutual benefit. In case of malfunction of machine tools, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will provide prompt service, which solves Jinxin’s problem. Our business manager promises to appoint service personnel to the site within 8 hours after receiving repair call. However, when asked, Jixin’s staff will ask in reply surprisingly: “ How does it take them that long, they always reached us within 4-5 hours.”

 Customized Solution in Wind Power Field

 SMTCL is actively exploring the solution to wind power components. For example, the three-gantry combination large CNC boring machine with 50m long worktable, which is specially designed for a company in Wuxi, took the lead in achieving “one setup” in the industry and improved machining efficiency. Especially, the difficulty in hub-machining of MW-level large scale wind power unit hub by large-travel column boring and milling machine specially deigned for machining hubs and tiltable rotary table have been solved. SMTCL, as a trusty metal cutting expert, is active in wind power field again.

 Over the past few years, as the price of domestic aerogenerator and average industrial profit fell dramatically, Jixin was bound to be affected. However, it was a periodic phenomenon of industrial development. With more and more participants, the industry will become more and more mature and therefore the profit will fall to a relatively low level. After 3 to 5 years of sufficient competition, excellent enterprise will stand out. We believe that Jixin Wind Energy Technology will demonstrate its excellence in the worldwide wind power field !

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