Cultivate the Youth-SMTCL and Vocational Education  

 Youth, a sunny word, usually indicates boundless vitality and future. Speaking of the “Youth”, many a people will have thousands of feelings. As we know, the youth is the main body that will take over social units like enterprises and families, and so the youth’s quality is directly associated with the vicissitudes of social units. Due to this, youth education and cultivation is viewed as the entire society’s common responsibility. As the leading enterprise in equipment manufacturing industry, SMTCL always attached much importance to fostering the youth. Thanks to years of endeavor, it has carved out a feasible and efficient way. In 2010, STMCL sponsored the 4th Chinese Numerical Control Competition, for which, it furnished more than 90% high-end competition devices including the fix-axis machine tools. It is worth pointing out that the competition organizer was Foshan Senior Technical School, which has been in cooperation with SMTCL for years.

 Open Resources, Shared Teachers and Students

 As early as 2008, Foshan Senior Technical School has built the partnership with SMTCL. With further understanding and mutual trust, both sides gradually opened up resources and complemented each other’s advantages, in an effort to jointly build a favorable study environment for youth students. Meanwhile, SMTCL open its authorized Guangdong Sales Service Center’s exhibition hall with a floor space of thousands of square meters to students as practical training base. In the center, displayed mainstream products and cutting-edge products served as references for teachers and students. Also, SMTCL donated a lot of simulative training equipment to such departments as machinery, numerical control, and mould, in addition to appointing engineers to assist the layout of the practical training workshop, and to training teachers. Besides, graduates were sent to the City of Shenyang to receive one-year training, after which they were employed by SMTCL or recommended to customers. In particular, the school established two special majors - NC Machining and NC Equipment Maintenance - to cultivate specialized graduates to this company. Aside from that, SMTCL set up the “Feiyang” Scholarship for students from all grades of these two majors so as to inspire students to focus on study.

 Whole-range Planning, In-depth Cooperation

 In Guangdong Province, SMTCL has numerous customers, and each order signifies the company’s new demands for talents. Based on the company’s demands, the school accordingly arranged their curriculums and operation practice so as to train specialized talents for the company. By virtue of the profound “School-Enterprise Cooperative Training Model”, the school not only offered practical technical training, but also introduced practical operation courses of up-to-the-minute techniques. As a result, graduates from the school usually stood at the forefront of the technology. In 2009, one Guangdong-based group purchased NC equipment worth more than RMB 100 million from SMTCL for transformation and upgrade. Due to a shortfall of NC talents, Foshan Senior Technical School directly transferred 65 graduates and equipment from the practical training base to the production frontline, in order to make sure that the new equipment can be immediately put into production in the wake of the installation and commissioning.

 At the beginning of 2011, the government approved a land area of 400mu and capitals of RMB 580 million to support Foshan Senior Technical School’s expansion. Therein, land of 80,000 square meters would be applied in construction of the practical training base, and capitals of RMB 100 million used in equipment purchase. Thanks to years of mutual cooperation and trust, SMTCL provided the school with whole-range factory planning and technical support etc. In this cooperation, both sides vowed to establish a reputation in international arena. Prior to the school-enterprise cooperation, NC specialty was uncompetitive compared to other specialties. However, with implementation of further cooperation, construction of the NC practical training center, and introduction of advanced equipment, NC specialty grew into the most competitive brand demonstration major that can exemplify the school’s strength. By virtue of SMTCL’s extensive market coverage, graduates from the school are in short supply, and excellent students will be paid RMB 5000 per month within six months, highlighting the school’s training value.

 Assume Responsibilities to Cultivate the Youth

 In recent years, vocational education aroused extensive attention from the society. Thanks to years of investment, development, and accumulation, development of vocational schools fits Chinese economy’s development hallmark: the staged transformation from coastal developed regions to radiation areas and then to inland regions brings about deficiency of comprehensive resources. Due to this, schools and enterprises, in view of different regions’ characteristics, can develop the cooperation with customized form and content. Comparatively speaking, developed regions and radiation areas need more software supports like new technologies and techniques, while poor and underdeveloped regions need more hardware supports. Whether in software support or in hardware support, SMTCL has the responsibility and capacity to gradually support the vocational schools and assist youth students. By virtue of its brand awareness, SMTCL will bring together more resources to cultivate the youth.

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