SMTCLAH110 Automatic Milling-boring Machine Promotion Kicks Off in Nanjing City   04.24.2010

    On April 11, the world first automatic milling-boring machine AH110, which was independent developed by SMTCL, showed up amazingly!

    On that night, AH110 Automatic Milling-boring Machine Product Promotion was ceremoniously held at Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse, and 90 agents including six 4S stores attended the promotion. Chairman Guan Xiyou told attendees a story about the boring mill that took place 20 years ago, which led to his dream of fundamentally changing hysteretic machining means and producing brand-new boring mill with new technology and new philosophy. Meanwhile, Liu Yan, General Manager of Zhongjie Drilling and Boring Machine Factory, elaborated the product’s radical change. Successful marketing of AH110, the world first automatic milling-boring machine, symbolizes that the boring machine products have entered the “Automation Age”.

    Jinan Long’an Machinery Co., Ltd. is the AH110 product’s first purchaser. Yu Yehai, Chairman of Jinan Long’an Machinery Co., Ltd., said: “AH110 can fully meet the product machining demands. In the past, I depended on one machining center and one boring machine to machine the components. Today, I can displace original production line by two AH110 products, which helps the company save cost of more than RMB 2 million”.

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