Collection T Machine Tool’s Gorgeous Turn from “Dedicated” to “General” 05.29.2010

    In April this year, SMTCL Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory developed the full-collection electric & hydraulic bracket machining tool, which was called Collect T Machine Tool. R & D of Collection T machine tool helped shatter overseas technology’s monopoly and strongly supported China’s independent R & D capacity in the significant coal mining machinery equipment sector, making China feasible to realize high-yield and high-efficiency mechanized exploitation to the super-thickness coalmine with super high mine pressure.

    While developing the machine tool, Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory formulated the demonstration and introduction materials on typical parts machining in the industry, in order to launch the exhibition tour in marketing regions and amongst customers. After being marketed, the product received high recognition from customers, and achieved extraordinary performance in such sectors as oil cylinder and construction machinery.

    So far, Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory has developed Collection T machine tools of different specifications and several modules (like double-carrier and double-spindle), in addition to adding such functions as “Double-spindle Single Driven/Double-Driven”, “Milling-drilling”, and “Synchronic Movement of the Center Carrier and the Second Spindle” etc. Till now, all reformed products have been marketed. Presently, Collection T machine tool has become a rising star in the full-function NC machine families, and realized the gorgeous turn from the “Dedicated” to the “General”.

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