New Horizontal Lathe HTC2050i Upgraded and Replaced   05.29.2010

    Upgrade and replacement of the new-type horizontal lathe HTC2050i, one of SMTCL “New Five” Products, is shaping up well. So far, the main machine design has been completed, and the product has been put into trial production.

    New HTC2050i, as a product more tailored to users, stands for NC horizontal lathe’s up-to-the-minute technical orientation. Test results show that New HTC2050i’s main performance indexes hit international advanced level, and its main shaft’s rotating speed touches 5000RPM, and fast moving speed, 30m/minute. In addition, the new HTC2050i is energy-saving and environment-friendly: when meeting the cutting capacity of machine tools of its kind, its total power decreases by 2.5KW; under the premise of meeting the machine tool’s cutting precision and precision retaining ability, the lubricant consumption is nearly zero; if the machining scope is fixed, its floor space is smaller as compared to other products. Moreover, the new HTC2050i boasts extremely high cost performance because it adopts the substantial “Cost Reduction” design, in which the company makes innovations in structure like main shaft encoder to greatly reduce the parts number and lower the production cost. Aside from that, the company conducted model selection and cost accounting together with its strategic partners during the product design process, and it strictly designed the NC system, tool carrier, bearing, guide rail, lead screw, guide rail pressing block, towline, and door handle etc., with the result that the machine tool’s product cost was efficiently controlled and performance indexes were met.

    The new HTC2050i’s trial production will be completed within two months. After being tested and improved, the first lot of products will be delivered to customers.



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