SMTCL’s Participation in “Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair” Again Becomes the Spotlight of the Market   07.22.2010

    The opening ceremony of the 12th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 15, during which SMTCL displayed 26 high-grade NC machine products in the exhibition zone of 2,328 square meters, in order to continue advocating the theme “Incubate the Large, the Strong, the High-tech, and the Precise”, which aroused much attention from the market.

    As the Asia-pacific Region’s largest machine tool exhibition, the 12th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair continued inheriting the fair tenet (namely, to build up the business platform that serves the world machine tool industry and relevant application industry chains), and its exhibition area of 100,000 square meters hit a historical new high. All told, 1208 exhibitors from home and abroad participated in the fair, and they displayed 60,000 high-tech and precise exhibits in contemporary equipment manufacture industry.

    Meanwhile, SMTCL continued promoting its “New Five” products. At the “Nanjing Exhibition” that was held in the middle 10 days of April, SMTCL’s machine tool products brought visual impact to insiders by human-centric appearance design and fashionable elements. At the Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair, SMTCL gave priority to “New Five” Products’ performance display.

    At the exhibition site, SMTCL demonstrated the sample cutting in its “New Five” Products Promotion, in order to display “New Five” Products’ improvement in technical performance and adoption of high-end technical philosophy. Amongst the Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair’s five exhibition halls, SMTCL’s product display, trendy product appearance, and high technical performance left a deep mark on exhibitors’ memories, and SMTCL accordingly became an eye-catching point in the fair. Therein, SMTCL’s AH110 product, touted as the world first automatic milling-boring machine, received high recognition from customers, and it became a star product for exhibitors’ appreciation and study. During the product exhibition period, a continuous stream of visitors came over to SMTCL for negotiation and consultation.

    All along SMTCL fixed its eyes on Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province in terms of product sales. The 12th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair, by virtue of the Shanghai World Expo, drew much attention from customers of Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, which again stirred up SMTCL “New Five” Products’ hot wave in the two provinces.

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