SMTCL’s 7th 4S Store Start up in Xiamen City   09.13.2010

    On September 8 when the opening ceremony for the 14th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (Xiamen) was being held, SMTCL (Fujian) Franchise Sales Center and Franchise Service Center (namely, the “4S Store”) was officially put into running in Guankou Machinery Industry Concentration Zone, Jimei District of Xiamen City, and it was regarded as the machine tool industry’s first double-franchise center in Fujian Province.

    As China’s 7th double-franchise center, Xiamen 4S Store is a platform that integrates product exhibition, machine tool sales, after-sales service, and information feedback. In the center the exhibition area totals more than 1500 square meters. In the year to come, the store will put a demonstration center of 3300 square meters into running. In the store there are a spare parts center of timely response, a commodious and comfortable customer training center, and an office area. With the running of the Xiamen 4S Store, SMTCL takes a further step to cooperate tightly with agents and provide customers with speedy and high-efficiency services.

    At present, economy in Fujian Province is witnessing fast-rate growth, and West-strait Economic Zone is being faced with enormous market opportunities. Construction of Ximen 4S Store is bound to improve SMTCL’s brand awareness, and lay a firm foundation for boosting SMTCL’s development, increasing its market shares in Fujian Province, and expediting its development in Southeastern regions.

    The kickoff ceremony of Xiamen 4S Store was attended by Chen Wenzhao, Chairman of CMIF Fujian, Huang Jinkun, Secretary of Jimen District Committee of Xiamen City, Zhang Guowang, Secretary of Yanping District Committee of Nanping City etc., which fully exemplified that local government cordially welcomed and placed ardent hopes on SMTCL’s 4S store construction in Xiamen City. It is undoubted that Xiamen 4S Store will make substantial contributions to improvement of Fujian machinery industry’s equipment & service level and development of local economy.



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