China’s First AB-head Fix-axis Machining Center Delivered to the Customer 10.24.2010

    Recently, the “Significant Sci-tech Project for the 11th Five-year Plan” that is assumed by Zhongjie Machine Tool Co., Ltd. shaped up very well, and a breakthrough has been made in key technologies. Besides, the project product VMC13120U has been delivered to Changhe Company for machining the company’s key aircraft components.

    VMC13120U is China’s first AB Dual-head fix-axis machining center that has been delivered to the user, and it is positioned as a facility for equipping Chinese aviation & aerospace products manufacturers. The product is applied in efficiently machining aviation aluminum alloy parts and displacing overseas products of the same kind. In succession, Zhongjie Machine Tool Co., Ltd. completed a series of technical breakthroughs, and particularly, it independently researched and developed the key component the Five-axis AB Dual-head. Meanwhile, it fulfilled the machining test to typical aviation aluminum alloy samples like “5DNAS” and “S”, and test results showed that these parts’ precision, smooth finish, and machining efficiency fully met users’ high requirements. Presently, the company, through technical breakthrough and commissioning, has got control over core technologies and shattered overseas vendors’ technical monopoly in China high-grade machine tool sector.

    Since being delivered to Changhe Company, the VMC13120U has machined lots of key airplane components, and its machining quality and efficiency can match overseas renowned machine tool vendors’ products. As a result, the product received high recognition from the customer, who planned to place a new order.

    So far, the VMC22120U, which takes the AB dual-head fix-axis machining center as the prototype, has been put into operation in the name of significant project, and its assembly and commissioning will be completed by the end of this year. Since market positioning and product modeling of the VMC22120U have come to the end, the product will be put into lot production the next year. At that time, the company will extensively market the product to aviation and aerospace enterprises, in an effort to cultivate a celebrated product with proprietary intellectual property in the high-end fix-axis machine tool sector. In this way, VMC22120U will become Zhongjie Machine Tool Co., Ltd.’s another economic growth point.




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