2015: SMTCL’s 4S Stores to Surpass the Number of 50   11.6.2010

    On November 6, SMTCL convened the “2010 Key Agents Conference” in Ningbo City, and the conference themed on “Seek for the Partner” was chaired by President of SMTCL Che Xinjia and attended by 45 key agents.。

    At the conference, Zhao Biao, Vice President of SMTCL, made a themed oration, and he put forward the company’s development objective within five years to come and pointed out that SMTCL Group must focus on three aspects, namely, product, channel, and further exploitation. As for the product, the group should take advantage of the “New Five” Products to build SMTCL’s new competitive edge, as well as fix eyes on the follow-up product R & D and endeavor to make constant improvement and progress. By 2015, SMTCL should advance its comprehensive market shares from current 22% to 28%. With respect to the channel, the company should take into account customers’ demands to offer considerate services, and strongly promote construction of the 4S store’s functions, in a bid to transform from a single agent to technology & service operator. In respect of the further exploitation, the company should segment the market for further exploitation. By 2015, the company plans to set up fifty to seventy 4S stores, and make average store turnover hit RMB 200 to RMB 300 million.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Wen, General Manager of Guangdong 4S Store, Liu Zongyi, General Manager of Jiaodong 4S Store, Wang He, General Manager of Zhongjie Vertical Machining Center Department, and Zhang Jichang, General Manager of the Complete Equipment Company, respectively addressed the conference.

    Chairman of SMTCL Guan Xiyou delivered an important speech, in which he expounded the world machine tool industry’s current situation, and made definite SMTCL’s development orientation from three aspects including structural adjustment, innovation, and typical cases. In his speech, Chairman Guan emphasized that the company should make a revolutionary adjustment to the product structure, build up its global marketing and service system, and regulate the corporate operation structure. “SMTCL should make innovations in management, operation, and technology, and transform from a traditional machine tool vendor to a technology and service provider. Also, it must evolve from a single product operator to the “Product plus Technology plus Brand plus Finance” operator, as well as cooperate with social strength to achieve common development”, noted Guan.

    Thanks to meticulous planning and earnest preparation, this conference stirred up ardent response from agents. An agent who has experienced more than 30 years of ups and downs in the machine tool industry said in a voice full of emotions: “I have took part in more than 100 machine tool agents conferences, but I never attended such a conference of high quality, and it provided me with study opportunities”. The conference was held in Ningbo, which was of profound connotation: five years ago, SMTCL joined hands with Ningbo Fangli Group to jointly carve out the machine tool industry’s new development model. Today, SMTCL again comes to Ningbo to seek for the partner because SMTCL firmly believes that loyal partners in favor of SMTCL’s development orientation and strategic objective will facilitate the company to become “Large and Strong”. Due to this, this conference not only has epoch-making significance, but also serves as the beginning of a new march.

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