SMTCL Awarded “2010 Chinese Management Accounting Practice Prize” 11.19.2010

    The “Chinese Management Accounting Practice Prize MAP”, which was sponsored by China Financial Management Accounting Research Center and Noah Management Accounting Research Institute, and organized by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), was officially unveiled on November 12. All told, 100-plus enterprises took part in this event, and 24 enterprises were nominated, but only five enterprises won the prize.

    In 2010, SMTCL integrated the all-round budget management software with ERP management software to build a uniform and shared budget management information platform, seamlessly combine the business budget, financing budget, capital budget, and financial budget, reasonably allocate corporate resources, and involve and optimize the business flow, information flow, manpower flow, and capital flow, which supported the company’s strategic transformation. Due to this, it was honored “2010 Chinese Management Accounting Practice Prize”. At the election conference, Ren Haisong, Head of SMTCL Financial Management Department, made a speech titled “Corporate Management’s Keynote and Soul”.

    Yang Xiaozhou, Professor of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance, spoke highly of SMTCL’s achievements in all-round budget management, and gave full recognition to the company’s proposal in which it regarded the all-round budget management as the corporate management’s keynote and soul.





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