SMTCL Group Convened a “Product Development Strategy Seminar”   11.21.2010

    From November 21 to November 22, SMTCL Group convened a product development strategy seminar in the City of Liaoyang, which was chaired by Liu Chunshi, Vice General Manager of SMTCL Group, and attended by 50-odd persons like relevant leaders of the SMTCL Group, general managers of different main machine equipment divisions and components divisions, and vice technical supervisors. Meanwhile, attendees had a discussion on the company’s future product development strategy.

    With the advent of China machine tool industry’s “Meager Profit Age”, SMTCL’s development mode will incur change, and so it is urgent for the company to resolve the systematic gap. At the seminar, Guan Xiyou, Chairman of the Board, put forward prospects on the company’s future product development strategy: First, the company shall embark on resolving the systematic gap. As for the technical system, the electric system should be vertically integrated and the machinery system should be integrated across products, in order to cultivate SMTCL-specific machine tool production model. In addition, the company should give priority to contemporary manufacturing process’s standardization and modernization while fixing eyes on the product technologies and development. Second, the company shall bias its technical R&D system to the market service according to its products’ market positioning. Besides, it should establish the customer technique study institution on the basis of its research institute, business department, and market department, in order to foster the Three-In-One R&D System, and to reinforce the study on customer technique. Third, the company shall pay more attention to functional parts’ technical study and development. Fourth, the company shall allocate technical resources, attach more importance to R&D and market, and endeavor to foster standby talents due to the group’s all-round transformation. From next year on it should explore and fulfill the “Product Manager System”. Fifth, the company should make the most of social resources and seek for reliable strategic partner, in order to give full swing to synergic function and achieve win-win under the precondition of common value foundation.




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