SMTCL “New Five” Products Promotion (IV) Construes New Machining Philosophy in the Automobile Industry   11.25.2010

    On November 25, SMTCL joined hands with Hubei 4S Store to successfully hold the first “Open Day” event since incorporation of the Hubei 4S Store. As the major content of the event, SMTCL’s “New Five” Products Promotion came to the fourth station.

    Meanwhile, most customers present were SMTCL’s VIP users, and they hoped to keep pace with the high-efficiency market development and make sure that their machining equipment stay competitive in the market. During the promotion period, the keynote speaker gave an account of the “New Five” Products’ advanced traits by means of the single-person talk show, as well as introduced “New Five” Products’ brand-new design from outside to inside.

    In Hubei Province, a large automobile manufacturing province, the automobile industry’s prosperity boosted auto fittings vendors’ fast-rate development in the region. Against that backdrop, the Market and Service Department defined auto fittings as demonstration samples for on-the-spot cutting, and these auto fittings included the auto engine cylinder machined by new horizontal machining center HMC63e, brake lining machined by new vertical lathe VTC3240, and valve core machined by the new economical lathe CAK0830, which construed the high-efficiency and high-precision philosophy’s connotation. In addition, the drilling center TC500R’s milling aluminum parts drew attention from a great many customers since it displayed the machine tool’s multi-purpose and high-flexibility traits.

    Customer training manager from Sandwik Coroment, who provided this event with cutting tools, made an oration titled “Contemporary Machining Economics”, during which, the customer training manager showed customers the high-efficiency and economical machining by making use of new machine tools and specialized cutting tools, which also aroused ardent response.



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