SMTCL’s First 4S Store in Northwest Officially Put into Service in Xi’an City 12.08.2010

    On December 8, SMTCL’s eighth 4S store is settled in Xi’an City. When serving as SMTCL (Xi’an)’s authorized sales center, Xi’an Dingrui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. also became SMTCL’s first 4S store in Northwest.

    At the opening ceremony, Che Xinjia, President of SMTCL, granted the plaque to Zhang Jianhua, General Manager of Xi’an Dingrui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. After that, Zhao Biao, Vice President of SMTCL, delivered a speech, in which he said that SMTCL firstly explored the marketing model’s transformation in the industry and tried implementing the franchising sales service center’s marketing mode. According to Mr. Zhao, SMTCL is committed to getting close to customers and joining hands with agents to provide customers with localized services in a synergic, seamless, efficient, and convenient manner. By upholding SMTCL’s marketing service philosophy, Xi’an 4S Store will spread the group’s machine tool marketing model to the entire northwestern region.

    Over past years, industrial production in Xi’an City witnessed fast-rate development, and the economic return ascended step by step. In Xi’an City there are lots of national core manufacturing enterprises in key industries like automobile, aviation & aerospace and military industry, indicating that market structure and industry development in Xi’an City are of huge potential. Within six months, Xi’an 4S Store will integrate its marketing channels and expand market shares, so as to raise regional sales performance and collection. Simultaneously, Xi’an 4S will further improve its response speed to the after-sales service, intensify its service consciousness, stably advance users’ degree of satisfaction, and expand SMTCL’s brand awareness and market influence in Northwest. While meeting more customers’ product demands, Xi’an 4S Store is bound to become the groundsill and back to bolster SMTCL’s development and it will facilitate SMTCL to make a brand-new breakthrough in terms of sales and grab more market shares in Northwest.

    Nestled in Xi’an City Yuhua Industrial Park, Xi’an Dingrui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. takes a floor space of 2395.2 square meters, of which, the exhibition hall, with an area of 1400 square meters, displays several “New Five Products” like AH110 automatic horizontal milling-boring machine, HMC50h horizontal machining center, and VMC18140 gantry vertical milling-boring machining center etc. In addition, the exhibition hall is equipped with spare parts warehouse, negotiation site, and training center, and it integrates such functions as product display & sales, technical support & consultation, after-sales service, and personnel training etc. Xi’an 4S Store is determined to establish a diversified and human-centric management architecture, under which it will intensify the brand consciousness, tap talents’ potential, cultivate their active service philosophy, and share their strong points, in order to build up the “Celebrated 4S Store” that takes the “Customers’ Satisfaction” as the core, the “Market Demands” as the guidance, and the “Human-centric management” as the foundation.

    Within five years to come, SMTCL will speed up to build 4S store in China’s main cities and regions continuously, as well as steadfastly carry out the construction of the brand-new marketing and service system.

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