SMTCL Group Awards “Talent-incubating Enterprise” and Excellent Employees   12.20.2010

    The 6th “Rejuvenation Cup” National Youth Vocational Skill Contest, which was jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, was held on October 29, during which, SMTCL employees showed off their excellent skills. As a result, Liu Gang, Dong Shuang, Huang Qiming from Zhongjie Vertical Machining Center Department respectively won the first place, the second place, and the fourth place in “Machinery Equipment Installation Group”, and Li Hongliang from IT Service Center won the 12th place in the “Network Administrator Group”.

    SMTCL Group decided to reward prize winners and award Liu Gang, Dong Shuang, Huang Qiming, and Li Hongliang respectively RMB 30,000, RMB 20,000, RMB 10,000, and RMB 5,000, in order to inspire the advanced, as well as stimulate young employees to learn from Liu Gang, Dong Shuang, Huang Qiming, and Li Hongliang, take root in their respective post and boldly step forward, and make contribution to the company’s great undertaking (i.e., “To build the world first-class transnational company”). To commend the Zhongjie Vertical Machining Center Department’s prominent contribution in young talents cultivation, the group honored the department “Talent-incubating Enterprise Prize”, as well as offered a reward of RMB 100,000 to the department.








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