“New Five” Products Promotion Held in Foshan City of Guangdong Province 12.24.2010

    On December 24, the SMTCL “New Five” Products Promotion was held at a 4S store in Foshan City of Guangdong Province. On that day, the 4S store kicked off the “Open Day” event, during which, 200 frequent customers including Guangdong Fuwa, SMTCL’s largest customer in Guangdong Province, were invited to attend the event. Meanwhile, Zhao Biao, Vice President of SMTCL, made an address of welcome.

    To facilitate customers to have more knowledge to the “New Five” Products, the Promotion devised a new link, i.e., application display and machining demonstration of the “New Five” Products in the automobile sector, which showcased typical auto fittings like engine cylinder and engine cover etc. In addition, technicians of the User Technique Office of the Market and Service Department gave an account of technical analysis on typical auto fittings, in a bid to enable customers to have a full realization of the technical innovation and strong points in the “New Five” Products. Focusing on the theme “High Efficiency Witnesses the Future”, the “New Five” Products Promotion made use of new products and new techniques to process typical fittings, as a way to improve efficiency and quality. That conveyed the accurate information: SMTCL, as a vibrant enterprise, is devoted to constantly put new products into the market to meet customers’ various demands.

    The Promotion is SMTCL’s last but the largest promotion event in this year, and SMTCL has achieved remarkable promotion effect through five promotion events. From customers’ ample attention to the “New Five” Products we can see that the market demands for machine tools are being upgraded, and SMTCL’s “New Five” Products well correspond to Chinese industry’s transformation requirements for their striking characteristics.




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