“Shenyang Exam Paper” Appears in China Top-level Machine Tool Competition   12.26.2011

    From December 19 to December 26, the final match of the 4th Chinese Numerical Control Competition was held in Foshan City of Guangdong Province, during which, you could get a view of rows of SMTCL NC machine tools, vertical machining centers, and fix-axis machining centers, as well as all operators dressed in SMTCL uniform.

    The 4th Chinese Numerical Control Competition, reputed as the “Olympic Games” of China NC machine tool industry, was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, All China Federation of Trade Unions, and China Machinery Industry Federation, and also it was rated as “State Level-I Vocational Skill Contest”. As the co-organizer and the major machine tool sponsor in the competition, SMTCL furnished 77 facilities worth more than RMB 50 million, 10 Feiyang NC systems, and 1000-plus uniforms for players, referees, and technicians.

    After undergoing four-level screening, 737 senior NC machine operators from 31 competition zones of China respectively took part in finals of the “Employees Group”, the “Teachers Group”, and the “Students Group”. Among them, eminent operators were honored such titles as the “Chinese Craftsmanship Prize”, the “National Master Hand”, the “May 1st Labor Medal”, and the “May 4th Eminent Youth” etc. Compared to previous competitions, this competition additionally set up the “Fix-axis Machining Contest”, which posed higher requirement to players, competition equipment, and software. As a common knowledge, the fix-axis machining is regarded as China’s most advanced NC technology, and it is mainly applied in high-tech sectors like aviation, navigation, and automobile production etc. SMTCL’s VMC0656e five-axis machining center underlay the competition’s “Five-axis Machining Contest”, which filled China’s blank in this sector and pushed the Chinese Numerical Control Competition to a new commanding height.

    Professor Song Xiaochun, vice chief referee in charge of the competition’s practical operation segment, spoke highly of SMTCL’s competition equipment and service team. He said: “This competition received strong support from SMTCL Group, and equipments were all first-rate in terms of quality, stability, and grade. As a result, domestic counterparts gave high recognition to the competition”. During the competition, SMTCL’s 38 technical support officers served the competition all day, implying that SMTCL not only displayed its products image, but also emphasized its corporate management, culture, and spirit.

    Wang Zhenzhou, President of Foshan Senior Technical School (organizer of the competition), pointed out that SMTCL was an enterprise with social accountability and foresight, and it spared no effort to incubate lots of technical talents for the country and its different regions. Wang said: “We have achieved win-win in the cooperation”.

    Over past years, technical education in Guangdong Province developed at a fast rate, and so far, Guangdong Province has become one of the fastest growing provinces in China technical education sector. As one of China’s major manufacture industry concentration regions, Guangdong Province boasts advanced productivity. With Guangdong Province’s entry into the contemporary industry system’s key cultivation phase, the market demands for manpower in the province took on the transformation from extensive expansion to structural adjustment & upgrade, with the result that technical talents training becomes the core support to the industrial structure’s optimization and upgrade. As early as 2008, SMTCL built the “School-Enterprise Partnership” with Foshan Senior Technical School, and by now, it has successively trained four lots of eminent students for the school. Graduates from the school played a significant role for SMTCL’s development in Guangdong Province.

    While inspecting the competition site, Sun Chunjun, Vice General Manager of SMTCL, said: “In the past, SMTCL made use of its advantages in product and technology, took part in Chinese Numerical Control Competition, intensified the school-enterprise cooperation, and planned the Guangdong market. While offering lots of equipments and talents for Guangdong Province’s industry upgrade, SMTCL vows to exploit more extensive market”. The competition had yet to come to the end, but the market effect had come to the surface: SMTCL’s 77 equipments for this competition were wholly purchased by Foshan Senior Technical School. In addition, team leaders of different provinces said that they would purchase SMTCL’s products to train NC machine operators.

    It is learned that SMTCL will further cooperate with Foshan Senior Technical School to jointly build up an international first-class NC technical talents training base that is committed to offering high-end demonstration. That will not just incubate lots of high-end industry workers for Guangdong Province and China, but offer talents foundation for China to grow into the “World Factory”.

    Che Xinjia, President of SMTCL attended the opening ceremony of the 4th Chinese Numerical Control Competition that was held on December 23, and also he inspected the competition site.

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