SMTCL Wins the Second Largest Order of This Year   12.31.2010

    At the end of 2010, SMTCL won the order worth RMB 120 million in one Shandong-based company’s RMB 180 million equipment tendering event. The order accordingly became SMTCL’s second largest order in 2010, and SMTCL welcomed the coming of the New Year with a large-sum order.

    However, it is not easy for SMTCL to achieve such a resplendent performance amongst key projects. Back then, local agent Shandong Jingcheng Company, with an eye to Zhongjie Drilling and Boring Machine Factory’s VIP Customer Service Movement, joined hands with SMTCL’s service personnel to offer after-sales service to Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. By virtue of active attitude and cordial service, they soon won over customers. During the tendering process, the agent Shandong Jingcheng Company did work meticulously and pragmatically. On the one hand, it invited customers to pay an on-the-spot visit to SMTCL to have a full realization of SMTCL’s strong production capacity. On the other hand, it cooperated with professional departments in charge of procurement, project initiation, and machine tool selection to fully present SMTCL’s technical advantages. As a result, SMTCL won against numerous competitors by its extraordinary service, brand, and strength, and won all projects it had tendered for.

    It is noteworthy that the tendering company is Shandong Province’s largest diesel engine vendor, major internal combustion engine power generator supplier for China’s key projects, Chinese PLA Navy’s designated product supplier, and SMTCL’s key customers over past years. Such an order will stir up huge influence in the market.






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