SMTCL Won Prize in Splendid National Competition   01.24.2001

    On January 24, the host committee of the 4th National Numerical Control Skill Competition awarded the honor of “Excellent Technical Support Service Unit” to SMTCL. President of SMTCL, Che Xinjia attended the award ceremony and received the honor on behalf of the group.

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese National Federation of Trade Unions and China Machinery Industry Federation jointly hosted the 4th National Numerical Control Skill Competition in Fuoshan City of Gungdong Province. SMTCL provided 77 numerical control machine tools and 10 FIYANG numerical control systems and 38 technical support personnel to the competition.

    ” During the competition, the 38 technical personnel worked from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so as to ensure a successful competition. They were waiting in the special area outside the course with untied clothes. Inside the course, they acted as safety supervisors to help competitors avoid wrong operation so as to ensure normal operation of machine tools. Before each competition, they had to inspect and commission all the equipment carefully. After each competition, they conduct re-inspection to machine tools and keep them accurate and clear. In case of wrong operation which affects accuracy, they would repair the machine tool in till the midnight and recover its accuracy so as to ensure successful progress of the competition. The 38 SMTCL’s technical support personnel’s service level and spirit were recognized by both judges and competitors. Pointing to SMTCL’s technical support personnel waiting outside the course, a staff of the host committee said, “there was no such situation in previous competitions. In the past we had to asked others to do the repair work in case of malfunction of equipment. In this competition, SMTCL not only demonstrated its high quality products, but also showed its excellent management and culture, which represented a splendid manner of famous brands.”

    It’s said that there were 6 numerical control systems in the five –axle process item. Both champions of teacher team and student team used the FIYANG numerical control system independently developed by SMTCL.

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