SMTCL Won Shengyang’s “2008~2009 A Level Tax Payer”   01.20.2011

    On January 20, SMTCL held the “Spring Festival Tax-company Get-together” with Development Area Branch of Shenyang Local Tax Bureau. The latter awarded a board reading “Shengyang’s “2008~2009 A Level Tax Payer” to SMTCL.

    The following leaders presented at the get-together: Li Songlin, vice mayor leader of Shenyang, chief of Tiexi District, director of Administrative Commission of Development Area; deputy managing director Zhang Jianqiang; Zhang Dechang, chief of Sheyang Local Tax Bureau; vice chief Pu Hai; and chief of Development Area Branch, Li Shanyi. Near 300 persons attended the get-together including Zhang Weiming, secretary of the Party committee; president of SMTCL, Che Xinjia; vice president, financial director, Li Shuangshan and financial leaders of each subsidiary and affiliate.

    In 2010, the company gained great achievement in its tax work. It paid RMB 150 million local tax over the year. Having been approved as National High-tech Enterprise, the company adopted a preferential tax rate of 15%, which saved over RMB 16 million in 2010.

    20 excellent and interesting performances attracted waves of applause, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. This get-together sufficiently demonstrated SMTCL employees’ talents, publicized SMTCL’s enterprise culture and reflected a close relationship between tax authority and enterprise.




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