Focusing on New Market, Developing New Products   03.24.2011

    On March 4, SMTCL’s first numerical control underfloor wheel lathe was transported to car section of Shenyang Railroad Bureau and passed user’s preliminary acceptance.

    The product is a special lathe produced by SMTCL through seizing the market chance. The product, “underfloor wheel”, integrates inspection, process and repair, was developed and manufacured according to specific requirements from customers.

    The “underfloor wheel” machine tool is equipped with automatic measuring and inspection system, which can measure wheel to diameter, dimensions, wear of the tread face and can repair the wheel to wheel brim and tread face. The automatic and accurate inspection device improves work efficiency largely. The “underfloor wheel” not only achieves fully automatic inspection and process, but improves the wheel process efficiency by 70%. The effective production can reduced over 50% cost.

    This kind of machine tool will be widely used in railway industry. It is of significance for SMTCL to develop new markets and expand market share.






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