SMTCL’s 10th 4S Shop Opened in Hangzhou   2011年3月27日03.27.2011

    On March 27, Hangzhou Guosheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd together with SMTCL established the SMTCL (Hangzhou) Franchised Sales Service Center. The opening celebration was held in a splendid manner. Sun Chunjun, vice general manger of SMTCL; Che Xinjia, president of SMTCL; vice president Zhao Biao and general managers of the business departments presented at the celebration.

    The theme of this opening celebration is “Common Road Common Heart, Quality Takes the Lead in Hangzhou”. As the 10th SMTCL’s franchised sales service center, Hangzhou Franchised Sales Service Center delivered the massage of “Perfectness”. And it also marked that SMTCL has entered fast growth and quick expansion stage from previous trial operation stage in its channel building. It shows that SMTCL has mastered relatively mature experience in operating this kind of channel mode.

    Hangzhou Guosheng has a large client base in Hangzhou and its vicinity. In 2010, its sales volume of drilling and boring machine tool achieved over RMB 60 million. Having established the franchised sales service center, Huang Jianguo, general manager of Hangzhou Guosheng optimistically expressed that the company will try to break a sales volume of RMB 300 million this year.

    At the celebration, the general managers from the rest 9 franchised sales service centers in Ningbo and Wenzhou etc. released 10 white pigeons together with Huang Jianguo. The flying pigeons symbolize that SMTCL’s channels are stretching to everywhere. According to an expert from China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association, SMTCL has integrated the domestic marketing resources in its channel building activities, which will open larger market.



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