SYMG, MORI SEIKI and GILDEMEISTER Planned to Invest a Joint Venture in Shenyang   04.20.2011

    On April 11-16, SYMG, MORI SEIKI and GILDEMEISTER reached a primary cooperative intention at the most important machine tool exhibition held in Beijing– China International Machine Tool Exhibition. The three parties planned to establish a joint venture in Shenyang to manufacture the new machine tool product facing the updated industrial demand.

    SYMG ‘s cooperation with MORI SEIKI and GILDEMEISTER followed the development of world machine industry and the trend that China’s market has become the largest market for machine tools. As the largest output and sales country of machine tools, China is becoming more and more important and its output and demands for machine tools will keep on growing in future.

    Both MORI SEIKI and GILDEMEISTER are worldwide famous machine tool manufacturers. SMTCL’s cooperation with them will boost the development of regional equipment manufacturing industry.






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