SMTCL Displayed at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition 04.24.2011

    The 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2011) was opened in China International Exhibition Centre (New Hall) in Beijing on April 11. Guan Xiyou, Chairman of the Group presented at the opening ceremony as a ribbon-cutting guest.

    At the exhibition, SMTCL were in the spotlight of leaders from central government to local government and experts, customers from home and abroad. They are: Zhang Dejiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice-premier of the State Council (see right picture); Miao Yu, minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; deputy minister Su Bo; Wu Bolin, First Deputy Director General of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association; Liu Guoqiang, vice provincial governor of Liaoning Province; Zhao Changyi, chairman of the Standing Committee of Shengyang; Wu Hansheng, Vice mayor of Shenyang. They spoke highly of SMTCL’s technology and product.

    The theme of CIMT2011 is “Embracing Post-crisis Times with Science and Technology Innovation”. It mainly focused on displaying the updated science and technology innovative achievements. CIMT2011 has the largest scale compared with the previous ones. 1400 famous machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions in the world gathered at the exhibition and paid visits. Over 1200 machine products and large size measuring tools and thousands of machine tool auxiliary products that top the products displayed at the domestic exhibition of the same kind were displayed. Over 200 thousand professionals from 60countries and regions in the world paid visits to CIMT2011. 

    ” SMTCL Displayed at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition) at the CIMT2011, SMTCL promoted 25 high-accuracy numerical control machine tools of international standard in the large exhibition area of 1600 square meters. It also set up “FIYANG Numerical Control System Demonstration and Application Area” to interpret its exhibition theme of “customization and intelligence” thoroughly. Among the 25 displayed items, there are 4 multi-axle compound machine tools, 4 heavy duty machine tools, 13 general type machine tools and 4 economical machine tools. The 4 VMC22120u vertical five-axle machining centers belong to Significant Special Achievements of National Numerical Control Machine Tool. SMTCL’s technical advantages generated “explosive” effect. The comprehensive solution to various key industries embodies SMTCL’s innovative service concept. SMTCL owns independent intellectual property right of the core technology of VMC22120c high speed five- coupling machining center: high speed coupling machining center with AB axle. It can provide machining solution to key area of national defense. The automatic hub machining unit can realize such functions as automatic load and unload, automatic turnover, automatic inspection, which thoroughly interpret SMTCL’s development of intelligent technology. SMTCL has become the most famous “celebrity” at the exhibition. From the product and technology promoted by SMTCL, we can conclude that: “The accumulated technical advantages of SMTCL produced explosive effect!”

    During the exhibition, nearly 200 thousand visitors visited and experienced the booth of SYMG, , nearly 40 thousand customers were received, and there were 14 thousand customers discussed business with us. With the adequate publicity in the early stage and recovery of overseas market, over110 overseas customers were invited to visit us and some even came without invitation. The import and export company totally received over 140 customers, which was much higher than our expectation and that of the past exhibitions.

    ”SMTCL’s products and solutions were warmly welcomed by customers. Even 5 customers came to compete for the same FBC200r. A customer bought 3 HTC4030T in cash on the site. The agents also wanted to put the brand new SH20-7 vertical cutting numerical sample machine into their own booths. A customer form Huai'an in Jiangshu Province planned to buy SMTCL’s machining centers and numerical vertical lathe during this visit. He said that, “SMTCL not only sells products but helps us design tolling jigs and provides machining scheme. It is very convenient.”

    During the exhibition, we have signed 1500 machine tools contracts with a total value of RMB 430 million and intent contracts of RMB 108 million. In the overseas market, we have signed contracts of USD 4 million and intent contract of USD 8 million. This exhibition has achieved new high in terms of its number of visitors, consulters, contracts and contracts of intention.

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