New Breakthrough of Heavy Duty Numerical Slewing Platform R & D Harvested a Contract Price of Over RMB 18 Million   05.16.2011

    SMTCL actively promotes its upgrade of products and gained new breakthrough in its series heavy duty numerical slewing platform R & D. The product has been put into mass production. Up to now, over 10 series product of heavy duty numerical slewing platform including PIB,HTK etc. have been ordered. The contract price has amounted to over RMB 18 million. Meantime, several customers are consulting with these products and have the intent to place orders. The series product has exhibited an optimistic market prospect.

    SMTCL have strengthened its R & D effort in several models of heavy duty numerical slewing platform and upgraded heavy duty flooring milling and boring machine center so as to improve the products’ model, size and increase their competition since 2010. Currently, such heavy duty numerical control slewing platforms as PIB40, PIB50, PIB40t, PIB80h have been designed and put into production. These products can bear large component of 40-80t. We have developed PIB40t heavy duty numerical tilt slewing platform to meet the special requirements of domestic wind power energy machining industry. Rolling and sliding compound guide way numerical drive technology, quantum hydrostatic technology, multi-angle automatic inclination of platform and hydrostatic bearing structure technology are applied to these products. The hydrostatic bearing structure technology was applied to PIB80h slewing center for the first time in the company. These achievements laid important foundation for SMTCL to develop heavy duty slewing platform with high stiffness and accuracy.





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