Continuous Improvement through focusing on Market Old Product Regenerating its Life   06.20.2011

    SMTCL has made its old product HTC6330b regenerate its life many years later through continuous technical improvement of classic products.

    HTC6330b machine tool is an old type of product used to machine disc type parts. As it has the advantage of high adaptability, accuracy and suitability to several industries, the product ever was loved by customers. However, after a period of hot sales, the machine tool like vertical lathe that can be used to process disc parts gained the upper hand and seized the whole disc parts market. The output and sales of HTC6330b were impacted seriously.

    SMTCL has improved the classic product HTC6330b with the breach of machining oil pipeline couplings by making full use of the advantageous opportunity that market has a high demand for tubing and casing couplings since last year. The specificity of this product has been largely improved and it becomes more suitable for mass process of oil pipeline couplings. Suitable configuration, reasonable price, reliable performance, high performance-cost ratio, compact layout, easy maintenance and accessibility of key bought-in component ensure the machine tool’s accuracy, reliability, and suitability. The product becomes an ideal equipment to process oil pipeline couplings and is favored by a lot of users. Furthermore, we organized skillful technical personnel to tackle the key technological problems and achieved module design of the machine tool by which, our product can be configured with users’ different requirements and meet customers’ individual requirements as many as possible.

    HTC6330b entered the market with brand new image and was warmly welcomed. Its sales have amounted to 20 with a sales volume of RMB 20 million. A lot of customers re-order this type of machine tool many times.

    Currently, SMTCL is improving and upgrading the HTC6330b on the original drawings and materials by making full use of the hot sale momentum of HTC6330b.The old-fashioned product regenerates its life.


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