Shenyang Machine Tool became one of the Top 50 China’s Equipment Brand Value and one of the Top 10 China’s Machine Tool Brand Value   09.01.2011

   Development Summit was held during the 10th CIEME. The summit was hosted by Shengyang People’s Government under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was undertaken by China Equipment magazine of China Industry News.

   The Top 50 China’s Equipment Brand Value and Top 10 China’s Machine Tool Brand Value of 2011 were issued in the meeting. Shenyang Machine Tool ranked 43rd on the list of Top 50 and the 1st on the list of Top 10.

   The ranking list is a logical result of the independent brand value research conducted by China Equipment magazine, Equipment Industry Research Center and other experts in equipment fields on the basis of Interbrand formula model. It mainly focuses on the adjustment and optimization for the specific characteristics of China’s equipment market

   The companies on the list pioneered a blue ocean with their own brand influence and provide the best interpretation to the financial value of industrial market. These companies will become the benchmark of China’s equipment industry. With the world economies focusing on China’s manufacturing industry again, equipment brands are tended to be more and more highlighted by the market.

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