SMTCL’s Automatic Machining Unit Crack the Nut of "Labor Shortage"   09.14.2011

   SMTCL’s automatic machining unit gains favor in the market. The Machining unit is made up of a prosthetic robot and three ETC3675 machine tools and can achieve automatic load and unload. A user in the south has signed purchase contract with us.

   In May, salesmen in SMTCL knew that a customer wanted to adopt an automatic load and unload system to replace manual load and unload so as to improve processing efficiency and deal with the “Labor Shortage” in the south China. Having known the customer’s idea, SMTCL’s salesperson and technical personnel paid several visits to the customer’s factory and communicated with customer face to face so as to discuss the scheme related to this problem . A special team made up of technical personnel was established for the customer. The special team visited customer’s machining site and knew about its process scheme. After returning to Shenyang, the special team worked out “robot one- to-three automatic load and unload scheme” which was recognized by the customer. This robot production line scheme has a feature of high flexibility. The minimum shifting time for production can be as short as 10 minutes. A set of system can save 3 persons’ work and improve output by 20%, therefore, improve customer’s market response speed. Currently, the system has been finished and is put into commissioning.

   One-to-three automatic load and unload unit is another classic masterpiece which is made according to customer’s requirements with customer-oriented technologies. After this system is delivered, the customer is intended to continue ordering several machining units. Currently, several customers are very interested in this machining unit. The market prospect is very optimistic.


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