SMTCL joins up with Fortune Global 500 enterprise for high-end market   11.22.2011

   On November 15, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (SMTCL) concluded a strategic agreement with Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co., a Fortune Global 500 enterprise in Germany. Under the agreement, the two parties will carry out strategic cooperation worldwide.

   Chairman Guan Xiyou, Vice President Sun Chunjun and Chairman Consultant Dr. Ge Xingfu of SYMG, Che Xinjia, President of SMTCL, Mr. Schullan, President of the Industrial Department of Schaeffler, Gou Jianhui, Managing Director of Schaeffler Greater China, Mr. Kim, Vice Industrial Management President of Schaeffler Asia-Pacific Region and Mr. Geier, Manager of Global Key Accounts were present.

   Gou and Che delivered speeches and signed the agreement on behalf of respective parties. Mr. Schullan, Mr. Kim, Mr. Geier, Guan and Sun were also on the stage, witnessing the very moment.

   Guan and Schullan jointly unveiled the plaque,inscribed with a giant character “Tie” (meaning iron in Chinese). Guan said “Tie” means unbreakable relation in the northeast dialect. The Germans liken bearings to industrial food, and the Chinese liken machine tools to mother machines. Both are the most fundamental elements of respective industrial development. As a raw material in industrial sectors, iron is indespensible for both SMTCL and Schaeffler..The cooperation is aimed at building an industrial foundation in China. In the future, the close cooperation will definitely make the uttermost contributions to China’s industrial development.

   Schaeffler is a world leading manufacturer of rolling bearings and linear motion products as well as a famous supplier for the global automobile industry. Under the agreement, the two parties will give priority to each other in terms of purchasing desired equipment and supporting products, and will make concerted efforts in such aspects as product R&D, process upgrade and so on, to tailor products and services for each other. SMTCL’s products will make full entry into the global purchase platform of Schaeffler. Wang Hai, Senior Industrial Manager of Schaeffler added, “Through the strategic cooperation, the two groups will also jointly create a virtual platform and a physical R & D platform to enter world high-end markets of machine tools, wind power equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing.” Schaeffler will build an R&D team of over 200 members to offer technical support for the cooperation.

   On the day, a dozen media outlets from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang covered the signing ceremony. The news was first published by The Northeast News Network right in the afternoon, followed by provincial and municipal media outlets including Liaoning Daily, Shenyang Daily and Shenyang Broadcasting, as well as industrial magazines including MW Metal Cutting and Maschinen Markt. 

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