13th 4S Shop of Shenyang Machine Tool Group Opens in Chongqing   12.13.2011

   On December 13, 2011, Chongqing, Chongqing Yuyu Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Machine Tool Group held a grand opening celebration of Shenyang Machine Tool (Chongqing) franchise sales service center newly established in Chongqing. This is the 13th 4S shop of Shenyang Machine Tool Group. Guan Xiyou, Group Chairman and General Manager, Wang He, Special Assistant of General Manager, Che Xinjia, President of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd, Zhao Biao, Vice President and Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhongjie Drilling and Boring Machine Factory, general managers of host machine business units and deputy marketing general managers attended the celebration.

   At the opening celebration, Shenyang Machine Tool Group presented a famous masterpiece "common prosperity of Chongqing and Shenyang" to Zhou Shiheng, General Manager of Shenyang Machine Tool (Chongqing) franchised sales service center. Guan Xiyou held the heavy "imperial jade seal" and affixed the logo of Shenyang Machine Tool Group on the masterpiece and delivered an important speech. In the speech, he pointed out that the Group will speed up the construction of the 4S shops, and promote the service platform forward. Che Xinjia, President of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd delivered a speech and awarded the name board to Shenyang Machine Tool (Chongqing) franchised sales service center.

   The theme of the opening celebration is “common prosperity with same idea and concentric efforts”, which symbolizes more brilliant achievements of the center with the new sales model, and the experience of Shenyang Machine Tool Group to achieve success in channel building. In recent years, Chongqing has witnessed rapid development of industrial production, steady increase of economic benefits covering defense, automotive, shipbuilding, and other core manufacturing enterprises, and great potential in market structure and industry development. The Chongqing 4S shop will become a comprehensive base of Shenyang Machine Tool Group in Chongqing by integrating functions such as product demonstration, sales, service, technical advice, and operator training, and bring high technologies and quality services of Shenyang Machine Tool Group to local customers in a timelier manner.

   In 2005, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd took the lead in the industry to reform the marketing channel and has become more experienced in channel building. In 2011, the marketing and service department accelerated the channel reform and set up seven franchised sales service centers in key districts across the country, which is almost close to the sum number of 4S shops established in the past few years.

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