Shenyang Machine Tool Awarded "China Famous Brand"   12.17.2011

   Good news came for the machine tool sector when the year is drawing to a close. The trademark of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenyang Machine Tool) has been identified as "China Famous Brand" by the State Trademark Bureau.

   The awarding of as “China Famous Brand" marked another major breakthrough of Shenyang Machine Tool in brand building following CNC lathes and Zhongjie Heavy-duty CNC boring and milling machine were recognized as China famous products.

   "China Famous Brand" is a type of trademark officially identified by the Trademark Office of the China Administration for Industry and Commerce with enterprise application, and represents the highest honor for Chinese enterprises. The accreditation of as “China Famous Brand” means that the trademark of Shenyang Machine Tool can enjoy the highest level preferential protection in 170 member countries of "Paris Convention” and WTO member countries.

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