Shenyang Machine Tool Group Recognized among China's Top 10 Innovative Companies 12.30.2011

   The 2011 “China independent innovation annual meeting” sponsored by the Economic Daily News was held on December 28, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People. Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee gave instructions on the convention of the meeting, Liu Yunshan, member of Political Bureau, Secretary-general of Secretariat, and Minister of Propaganda Department of CPC Central Committee sent a congratulatory letter, Liu Yandong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and State Councilor attended and spoke at the meeting. On behalf of innovative companies of the Chinese machine tool industry, Shenyang Machine Tool Group won the title of "China's top ten innovative companies”.

   Improving the independent innovation capability is the core of national development strategy, a central link of economic restructuring and development pattern reform as well as an objective need and internal requirement to implement the scientific concept of development. The annual meeting announced the Economic Daily News "innovative city and low-carbon city evaluation system”, “innovative company and innovative character evaluation system”, and commended the 2011 top ten innovative cities, top ten low-carbon cities, top ten innovative companies, top ten innovative characters, and a number of the most dynamic, competitive and growing innovative cities and companies on the basis of scientific and careful selection by authoritative experts and scholars.

   Shenyang Machine Tool Group launched a wealth of effective innovation activities in recent years, achieved a lot of innovative fruits and won recognition and praise from all walks of life. As the sole representative of China's machine tool industry, after prudent evaluation of the expert committee, Shenyang Machine Tool Group was awarded the title of China's top ten innovative companies with its excellent performance in innovation activities and innovation. Che Xinjia, President of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd accepted the award in Beijing and participated in the opening ceremony and keynote forum.

  It is reported that the domestic industry leaders such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China South Locomotive Group Corporation, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. and ZTE Corporation received the honor of "2011 China's top ten innovative companies".

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